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the road to health

Compassionate Support. Steadfast Accountability.

what to expect


My priority is to make sure you can always access the support you need — without all the extra stress and complicated red tape.

The easy-to-use online system makes it simple to submit all scheduling, forms, and payments. And you’ll always have options for our communication; I’m available through video, phone calls, email, and text.

I value your time and need for consistent support. When you reach out, I respond within one business day.

All scheduling is done online through an easy-to-use system.

I take the time to listen to your struggles and your goals, and explore how they align with my services and techniques.

You’ll receive a Discovery form to complete and return to me at least one full business day before our call.

Coaching sessions are offered virtually through Zoom and in-person.

During your consult we’ll establish the foundation for and review the details of your coaching program.

In preparation I’ll ask that you complete a registration form and then schedule your Initial Consultation. You will then be asked to complete an Initial Consultation form and submit payment, both of which are due two full business days prior to your session.

Length: 90-120 minutes (May vary with program)

We’ll take care of the formalities through the easy-to-use online system.

You’ll receive an electronic coaching agreement and an electronic invoice with payment link.

We’ll dive deep and equip you with the knowledge, tools, and support you need to address your current challenges and reach your goals.

You’ll be asked to complete a Check-in form one full business day prior to each session and the Post Session form within 24 hours after the session.

Length: 30-60 minutes (May vary with program)

It’s important to celebrate your progress! We’ll look back at where you’ve been and where you are now, and I’ll help you create a blueprint of health for the future.

You’ll fill out the Client Evaluation form and also have the opportunity to evaluate my services by returning a Coaching Evaluation form one full business day prior to your session.

Length: 30-60 minutes (May vary with program)

Hi, I'm Coach Ken

your holistic health coach

Before I became a certified Primal Health Coach and Toxicity and Detox Specialist, I walked the path from tired, sick, and desperate for answers to being healthy, full of energy, and truly excited about my life again.

As your coach, I’ll use the same proven methods and cutting-edge tools that helped me restore my health — making sure you too can get back to living the vibrant life you deserve.

I am also a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner (CECP). This allows me to help you balance your mind, body and soul through energy healing to enjoy a more fulfilling and peaceful life.

Read more about my health journey here

Ken Kehs Holistic Health Coach

Ken Kehs