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emotional wellness

Release Emational Baggage Emotional Wellness

release emotional baggage

Free yourself from negative, trapped emotional energy.

improve relationships emotional wellness

improve relationships

Remove barriers to love and increase your ability to connect.

ease physical discomfort emotional wellness

ease physical discomfort

You may experience relief from distress and suffering.

emotional wellness

The Emotional Wellness program uses a certified energy healing technique to release negative trapped emotions without having to “relive” the event.

Trapped emotions may cause feelings of depression and anxiety, and also block you from the love and happiness needed to be connected to yourself and others. In addition, the energy of these trapped emotions can cause acute physical discomfort and potential disease.

Releasing your trapped emotions can create the proper conditions for your body to heal so physical and emotional difficulties may disappear or become much more manageable. Thus, allowing you to enjoy a much more fulfilling life!

The Emotional Wellness program also works well on animals.

While this transformative energy healing method, The Emotion Code®, can complement professional therapy and/or counseling it does not replace those services.

emotional wellness program

During the complimentary Inquiry Call we will discuss your overall goals and the basics of how the emotional wellness program works. The next steps include getting registered and scheduling your Introductory session where we will go into more detail about the technique while releasing your first set of trapped emotions.

Emotional Wellness

coaching focus options

  • Relieve Emotional Stress
  • Decrease Physical Pain
  • Achieve a Goal
  • Release Your Heart-Wall
  • General Release