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Hi, I'm Coach Ken

your holistic health coach

Before I became a certified Primal Health Coach and, Toxicity and Detox Specialist, I walked the path from tired, sick, and desperate for answers to being healthy, full of energy, and truly excited about my life again.

As your coach, I’ll use the same proven methods and cutting-edge tools that helped me restore my health — making sure you too can get back to living the vibrant life you deserve.

I am also a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner (CECP). This allows me to help you balance your mind, body and soul through energy healing to enjoy a more fulfilling and peaceful life.

Ken Kehs Holistic Health Coach

Ken Kehs


my health journey

I went from living the dream to a health nightmare

After a successful 20-year career in Aerospace, I was able to shape my life into what many of us dream of — only needing to work part-time and spending my extra free time doing what I loved: playing beach volleyball, working out at the gym, and fulfilling my childhood dream of racing a stock car. I easily traveled for months at a time on my Harley around the lower 48 States and to Alaska and back.

But then it all changed

Even though I was only in my late 40’s and my diet and exercise routines were exactly the same as before, I started losing my zest for life. My family noticed my personality had changed, and I was steadily gaining weight. Within a few short years, I had to stop exercising, was tired all the time, and had heavy brain fog and unexplained, sharp body pains.

I felt alone and struggled to get answers, but I finally got a diagnosis of mold illness. I started treatment, and while my symptoms definitely improved, I couldn’t shake them completely.
Realizing there may be multiple root causes of my illness, I got tested for heavy metals. When I got the positive result, I started the True Cellular Detox™ program.

The program was exactly what I needed

I started making a lot of progress. But while I was getting closer, I could tell there was still something standing in my way of fully regaining my quality of life.
When I started The Keto Reset Diet: Reboot Your Metabolism in 21 Days and Burn Fat Forever by Mark Sisson, my body began to burn fat for fuel, release additional damaging, built-up toxins, and as a bonus, I lost weight!
As a final step, I needed to get my body out of its constant fight or flight mode, so I embarked on Annie Hopper’s Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS).

I had finally placed the last piece in the puzzle to restoring my health

But I definitely couldn’t have done it alone — the guidance of skilled coaches and practitioners was crucial to my recovery.
Now, after six years of not being able to exercise, I can now run over a mile, do a dozen pushups, and squeak out some pull-ups! I’m back on my Harley on interstate trips, full of energy, and have made it my life’s work to help you get back to health and living the life you love.

I got out of the rabbit hole — and you can too!

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