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Custom Health Coaching

Personal Health Coach


Tailor your program to fit your specific needs and goals

Flexible Health Coaching Program


Choose the number, length, and frequency of sessions you need

Cost Effective Health Coaching Program


Purchase sessions in blocks to meet your needs — and your budget


Whether you use custom health coaching as a stand-alone program or as an add-on, you’ll get the ultimate flexibility to build a program that meets you right where you’re at — and takes you precisely where you want to go.
During the complimentary Discovery Call we’ll discuss your health challenges and determine the frequency and amount of sessions we’ll need to overcome them.*
Then, during your Initial Consultation we’ll dive deep to create a personalized program and begin taking the first steps towards health. But your program is never set in stone — it can easily be adjusted as you meet your goals or encounter different challenges along the way.
*Personal health coaching packages are offered as a block of sessions with a four-session minimum.

flexible personal health coaching program

*The initial consultation will be replaced by a one-on-one coaching session for each package you purchase, after the first package.

custom Health coaching

coaching focus

Help you meet your unique goals — safely and effectively